Surrounded by some of the most exotic countries of the world that includes China, India, Thailand and Laos, Burma has merged as one of the most favored destinations for travelers around the world. And when you are on one of the Tours to Myanmar, you will find that the Burmese cuisine is highly influenced by the flavors and spices of all these surrounding countries. 

Though on the world map of tourism, Myanmar has a long way to go, the food that you will find on the narrow streets of this beautiful country is something that can’t be forgotten easily. And when the options are so many, you definitely need a helping hand. With this post, you can easily find the best street food here. So, what are you waiting for? Let us discuss them one by one.

1 Beef Offal Soup

Also known as “A Mae Ou Sot Pyote”, this is famed among foreigners as beef offal soup. The organ meats or the beef offal on skewers is a common sight on the streets of Burma. For the soup, these are cooked on skewers, diced and are added to the boiling broth. It is then seasoned with finely chopped lemon leaves and seasoning.

Beef Soup

2 Chicken Feet Salad

Though many of us would be grossed out at the mere mention, chicken feet is quite delicious. And the credit goes to the yummy Burmese sauce that takes this dish to a whole new dimension. This sauce is a mix of soy sauce, lemon, brown sugar and vinegar that gives it a delectable edge with a pop of roasted sesame seeds. 

3 Wat Thar Kout Nyin

If you are tired of all the spicy food, then give your digestive juices a bit of a rest with these simple bundles that are highly influenced by Chinese food. Steamed in fresh banana leaves, these sticky rice cakes are perfect as a snack. They smell great because of the ginger and garlic and dig a bit deeper to find the chunks of pork.

4 Rice and Burmese Curry

If you truly want to experience the spices of Burma, then don’t forget to try a bowl of rice with Burmese curry. The curries are mildly flavored, so you will love it as a spot of lunch.

Rice and Burmese Curry myanmar

5 Fried Crickets

Yeah, you read it right; we are talking about fried cricket. Known as Pa-Yit-Kyaw, these are one of the many insectile delicacies. Just remove the wings and legs, and you are good to go. The flavor is very close to nuts and is a delicious snack.

These are some of the many delicacies of this country that you should definitely try while you are on one of the the many Myanmar Tours

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