Best Holiday Destination in India

“INDIA” is one of those places, that is found on most bucket lists. India is a country, that’s one of its kind. The mesmerizing variety of cultures, traditions, foods, clothing, etc. being of the most exciting holiday destinations, there are so many fabulous tourist destinations in India. India is one of the best holiday destinations one could come across. The very feature that beautifies India is its diversity. India is one country that has something different in the best ways possible at every nook and corner, every state has its own charm, making India the best holiday destination

India is a country that is full of excuses for one to visit, there is not a single reason; one shouldn’t visit India.  

Traveling all around the world is one of the most common things on everyone’s bucket list. Traveling around, is no more for the sake of business anymore. It has now become a hobby, there are a few who feel they’re addicted to traveling to new places. The very aim of traveling, is to make memories, to capture every possible thing that a place has to offer. People travel the world, and there is not a single country that doesn’t leave tourists in awe.  


A country with numerous colors, they’ve turned grey with age, but still spread colors of beauty. Within the country, there are numerous mind-boggling destinations.

India calls not just for its variety of food; street food; desserts, etc. It also is known for its amazing art culture, which varies from place to place.  Tourists often cherish souvenirs, that are very cheap to buy leaving a benchmark.

India is a country of thousands of flavors; every part of India has something different yet pleasing to the taste buds. Wherever one goes in India, the place has always proven to be one of the best holiday destinations in India.  

Sightseeing is one of the activities most tourists lookout for; Agra, India has one of the world’s most famous buildings, the Taj Mahal, still to be one of the most recommended places to visit in India. 

Every state has something different yet so binding to the Indian culture, pleasing to the eye. Palatial temples to visit, different colorful and green parks, the subtle warmth India welcomes people with; is another reason why there are so many overwhelming holiday destinations in India. India is a country that promises to bring back tourists if they visit once, or even travel the world.

The best of places to stay at; according to recommendations would be the exquisite imperial palaces that once belonged to royalty, and now converted into hotels. Along with the most comfortable stay, experiencing the wildlife around, birds like hawk eagles, etc. Going to various wildlife sanctuaries to be closer to nature and admire its beauty. Most tourists who have been to India cherish their days in India even after traveling the world. 

India is a country that possesses a very unique style of art, some parts, even today have a touch of British art. Art not just on paper, fabric, etc. Also visible on buildings, architecture, furniture, and so on. 

India outruns a number of countries because of its facilities that fit best for tourists to provide comfort through public transport, like trains through the hills, ropeways, etc. To make them feel from within that wherever they go, there are uncountable mind-boggling destinations in India. 

If one happens to visit India; the golden triangle (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur) should be on the “must visit” list, they also happen to be few of the best tourist places in India. The whole triangle consists of cultural splendor, and splash of traditions in the best ways possible.

The pristineness of the hills, the great Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh, etc. These places call for mountain biking or even hiking. The hills can never be a disappointment, away from city life, would be one of the best destinations to travel in India.

There are places in India that are said to come down to earth breaking away from heaven, the kingdom of God. The beaches and nightlife of Goa are commendable. The beaches make up to the amount of roaming around one does during this visit, the beaches in goa are most known for its sense of relaxation, yet fun. The beaches never fail, this makes them the ideal travel destination one looks for in India.

Humanity is something that remains common to all. India consists of a temple that will restore all faith in humanity, along with its beauty tags along with the sacredness of the temple, it is known to be the most sacred place for the Sikhs, yet welcomes everyone opens heartedly. Feeding around 50,000 people food on an average daily. The Golden Temple in Amritsar remains permanently on the list of the best places to visit in India.

India is a mixture of all the best features a country could have. There couldn’t exist a doubt in the mind of those who have visited India before, that the ultimate amazing holiday destinations are in India.

  • Hills – The great Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh, Mount Everest, etc. The serenity of nature and the blend of colors at it’s best. Exploring the mountain life and lifestyle of people and animals is a whole new experience altogether. Bir and Billing, a place where paragliding takes place for the Olympics too. The experience of being able to fly over the mountains in itself makes it the best holiday destination in India.
Mount Everest
  1. North India– Places like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur. Make up to the best triable, the golden triangle. The splish-splash of culture and art with a variety of food isn’t something one can ignore. Jaipur the pink city of India because of its trademark building color. Delhi for the capital of India and a number of famous buildings there. Agra for the world-famous monument and its food. 

Pink City Jaipur

  • Jaisalmer – The golden city, known for what it has to offer to people in sense of its beautiful sandstone architecture. One of the best places to visit in India.

  • Hindu pilgrimages – Hrishikesh, Varanasi are the best destinations in India if one wants to explore the religious (Hindu) side of the country ‘Hindustan’. The above places are best known for its holiness Amritsar, Hemkund sahib, Uttarakhand; Anandpur sahib is one of the few best Sikh pilgrimage destinations. Sikhism is best known for its brotherhood. Islam, being of the sweetest religions, and protecting their values. Haji Ali Dargah, Mumbai; Dargah-e-Ala Hazrat, Uttar Pradesh. These are the best Islam pilgrims in India if one wants to explore deeper into this beautiful culture. Christianity is a religion that teaches us to be grateful first of what we have. Goa, Infant Jesus Shrine, Nashik; Mount Mary Church, Mumbai; Kerala, Infant Jesus Shrine, Bangalore. The above places not only are known for their sacredness but also the peace that they spread, making them few of the best Christian pilgrims in India.

  • The serene beauty of the green hills– Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh are the best travel destinations in India to capture and cherish the pristineness and purity of the hills at its best. The fresh springs and lifestyle of the mountains will never fail to surprise you at every turn.

  • Kasol, Parvati valley, Malana, Tosh; The villages in Kasol not just fit best it hippies but also to those who want to explore themselves and the beauty of nature; this would the place just perfect for such activities. These places behold the mystical magic within them and would be the perfect holiday destination in India.

  • South India as a whole is in itself the best holiday destination; but to be specific the backwaters and the calmness if Kerala, Kochi, Kovalam, Alappuzha, and other destinations in Kerala are best known for its backwaters to sail through, the extravagant flavors and spices in Malayali food are precious to the taste buds. Kerala (god’s own country) remains number one to visit for the best holiday destination experience.

  • The only place with a little touch of the French even today settles in Pondicherry. The French touch to the entire state promises it the beauty that will never die. Following comes the last point of the country, Kanyakumari, the best spot to share peace watching the sunrise and sunset and the ocean is the cherry to the ice cream. Kodaikanal; another amazing place, a hill town set around the lake of Kodai. The freshness in the air that lingers around feels best to the heart and mind. The above places would be the best choice to make for a peaceful holiday and the best destinations in India. 

  • Chocolates remain the common favorite to all ages; the chocolate country is a place to be for all chocolate lovers- Ooty. It has a rose garden to please everyone’s eyes; home to about 2,000 types of roses. Ooty remains on the list of one of the best travel destinations in India, not only because of its above features but also the weather is so attractive.

  • The west Indian lifestyle takes a whole unique turn. Starting with a coastal state- Goa. The extravagant beaches and nightlife of goa are something one should experience without an excuse. Goa also well known for the different types of wines it produces and the food culture there can get everyone drooling. The gothic- yet beautiful churches is a precious collection to the native Goans. The fabulous architecture is something one can’t ignore even unknowingly. Daman and Diu another west Indian state called the mini Goa is worth a visit.

  • The artistic states are in line next- Udaipur and Jaipur are two of the best art destinations in India. The local style of art and handicrafts is the most beautiful one could ever witness.  Udaipur the city of lakes and Jaipur the PINK city because of the very historical architectural style of sandstone from different shades of pink. Not just for the art but also the street food of these amazing cities has a unique splendor of taste that could get anyone to come back for more. 

  • The national park of the wildlife of India can be closely viewed through the Ranthambore National Park, one of the best in India; situated in Rajasthan. Apart from that, places like Jaipur, Udaipur; Rajasthan would be best known for its shopping also. Capturing such beautiful places would be best done by picking up goods from shops that are local. 

  • Mumbai, a place well known everywhere. Also called the city of dreams or the city of a thousand smells. To start with, Mumbai is a place that has fulfilled dreams of an uncountable number. The food and city life of Mumbai can’t be beaten by any other state. They say that Mumbai never sleeps, one wouldn’t ever find the streets empty. This is a recommended city by all who have been there; Coming to conclusion, Mumbai is one of the best cities to visit in India.  Another part of the same state of Maharashtra is Mahabaleshwar. The Land of Strawberries as it is known by many. A hill town that sets in the Western Ghats- that are well known its magnificent peaks. The quality of strawberries here is unbeatable and is also known for the numerous rivers it is home to. Alibagh, another part of Maharashtra is well known for its coconut groves and sandy beaches, it’s very popularly known as the weekend holiday getaway. 

  • Eastern India is a part of India that remains the same with the same culture their ancestors left to them. Sikkim is a place to experience the clouds at feet. This place also presents to its viewers the sight of the great Mt. Kanchenjunga. Assam beholds a national park, only known to be home to one-horned Rhinos. A sight that can’t be found even if one travels the world.

  • West Bengal, the state having most of India’s art. Darjeeling is on the hills and remains to be the queen of the great Himalayas even today. It also holds the title of the jaw-dropping beauty of the hills. It is also known for its lush green tea plantations on which majority of India relies on. 

  • Shillong, a city in the state of Meghalaya is the Scotland of the east. The soft and soothing weather makes Shillong a place to be in any season. There are light drizzles that create the cooling effect that seems mesmerizing to most tourists which makes it one of the best destinations in India.

  • The city of joy- Kolkata in the state of West Bengal is India’s second-biggest city and home to artists like the ones who framed the countries national anthem. The streets of Kolkata never rest and always seem chaotic but ironically that one of the reasons that beautify it even more.

A memory and special experience to capture is a dream of most travelers and tourists. India is just the country to get it all in one package. India welcomes all with open arms and sends back every one with something or the other to cherish for a lifetime. 

India is the ultimate best holiday destination that cannot be missed out with any excuse.

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