Billions of users have registered on the platform for the purpose of connecting with their friends, family and social circle.

The platform poses a great deal of ease to its user. The features truly attract the users that the platform is getting so much success around the globe without any exception.


But there is another side to the story as well that is capturing parents’ attention. A large number of kids and teens are getting affected by the excessive use of the network in many ways.

The kids are becoming ‘Facebook addict’ while paying no attention to their academic and other responsibilities. They use the platform even for executing substandard activities like online dating and other activities of the same nature.

So, the parents’ concerns regarding the use of social network by their kids are rightly justified. The revealing statistics regarding the usage of the platform by the kids are discussed below.

It is reported that the kids that use the platform for online dating purposes are more than 40% out of all.

This is something very much serious that is needed to be addressed. This trend affects the moral and ethical standing of the kids. A number of teens randomly stalk other individual’s profiles to find a match for them.

If they get a positive response from the other side, both of the users involve in inappropriate conversations that hurt the integrity, character, and morality of the teens.

Facebook obsession is hurting the kids’ mental and physical health

A report suggests that more than half of the teens and kids using the social network are obsessed with using it. They remain online and browse their newsfeed all day long for no reason.

Some of them are very much fond of updating stories, statuses and to update personal bio.

This pattern badly affects the teen’s mental and physical health. A number of kids are having eye sight issues due to augmented usage of the phone screen. On the other hand, Facebook addicted kids are more prone to leave meals and necessary diet that is part and parcel of their health.

The solution to the growing concerns of the parents

The experts suggest that there should be a strong framework that can limit the Facebook activities of the kids to certain restrictions. The best way to do this is the use of the Facebook spy app.

An efficient Facebook spy app can help parents in monitoring each and every bit of communication taking place over the platform from the target device. The best spy service in business for this purpose right now is OgyMogy.

It has a number of promising features that serve the parents in many aspects. The app can be installed on android devices allowing parents to have a fair insight into the child’s all real-time whereabouts.

OgyMogy – The key offerings

Chat spying using OgyMogy

All the group and individual chats of the child’s Facebook account can be extensively monitored and viewed. The parent can access the chatbox of all the connections to know if there anything that is suspicious or inappropriate.

Upon finding any kind of inappropriate stuff, the parent can take necessary actions.

Spying on all the images and videos shared

All the multimedia shared by or to the kid can be tracked remotely. The parent can view the respective content, and if the content is not up to the mark, the parent can remove the content from the chat remotely.

The parent can even block certain contact that shares inappropriate content the kid.

Viewing stories and shared content

The parent can also view the shared stories, statuses, and other content that is shared by the kid with other members of the network.

Screen recording to know the real-time activity

This feature of the Facebook spy app helps parents knowing the real-time happenings and whereabouts of the child. The parent can assign the spy app to record screen activities.

The activities are recorded in the form of short clips and are saved to the online dashboard. The parent can view these clips by logging in to the dashboard.


The significance of using Facebook spy app for protecting the kids is discussed. The best service in this aspect is OgyMogy.

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