Online courses are a wonderful way to learn anything since they blend the benefits of expert training with the ease of the Internet. If we specifically talk about technical analysis, you can find a huge number of online courses offered to traders at various skill levels on the internet. Online courses offer you the comfort to learn at your own pace, which makes it easier than classroom training or other offline classes that require a longer time commitment.

Technical analysis is a key that helps you understand the stock before you invest in it. It also helps you to fine-tune your skills and enhance your trading results in the longer run.

Let us understand what you will learn from the online course of Technical Analysis of Stocks.

  • What is Technical Analysis and why it is important for traders
  • Understanding the Pros & Cons of Technical analysis
  • Classical Chart Patterns & Gap Theory
  • Indicators & Oscillators – less is more
  • Reading the Stock Charts Effectively and thereby Identifying Market Trends
  • Use of Support & Resistance to Determine the Entry & Exit Points,
  • Use of levels, Channels and Trend Lines to Determine Market Moves
  • Practical use of trading software
  • Candlestick Patterns & Heiken  Ashi using the Real-world examples
  • Set-up Trading Strategies by following the trends analysis, Swing & Contrarian
  • The Mindset of Successful Traders – Avoid the Damaging Trading Mistakes and Build the Right Trader Mindset
  • Position Sizing & Money Management Techniques
  • Trading Edge with Stock Edge
  • Trading with the Fibonacci & Extensions, Exponential Moving Averages, Parabolic SAR, MACD, and RSI + Trade Setups
  • Live Market Trading Sessions
  • NSE Pre-Market breakout strategy
  • Intraday crudeoil trading strategy and Inventory play
  • Super trend, Bollinger and RSI based Swing trading strategy
  • One-on-one interaction to build a successful attitude towards trading – Through Case Study & Games
  • Ways of Trading of Wedges, Triangles and Pennants, Double Top + Double Bottom, Head and Shoulders + Cup and Handle, Single Candlestick Patterns, Double Candlestick Patterns, and Triple Candlestick Patterns

Along with this, the online courses offer dedicated Support from the Learning Community as well as Course Instructors with a guarantee of 100% Questions Answered Within 24 Hours!


Courses in Online Technical Analysis offer you powerful insights on lucrative technical patterns and tactics supported by statistical studies and analysis of markets. These courses also provide hands-on training to the participants on various technical analysis software available in the market. These courses explore the mindset of successful traders across the globe. The Psychology of a trader plays a very important role in this course. The trader’s mindset and psychology deal with knowing the self before you risk your first jump in financial markets as 90% of accomplishment in financial markets is attached to Trading Psychology. The online course on Technical analysis teaches you the art and science of trading using the extensive knowledge of technical analysis of stocks, trading strategies, financial charts, and more.


Before you decide to spend your money on a particular online course, or if the course is available for free, still research all the given options to make sure that you pick the right course that you can benefit from and learn the best trading techniques. Make sure the technical analysis course you choose shall include the following benefits.

  • Recent Strategies:  What functioned 5 or 10 years ago might not work in the present condition. So pick a class where a trader is teaching the strategies and knowledge considering the current market scenario that you can use in your trading.
  • Expert Leadership: Some traders might criticize technical analysis as a pointless study of patterns without having concrete proofs. On the other hand, some will claim that technical analysis is the key reason behind their success. Technical analysis is tricky and if you master it it will help you become profitable but if you misuse the analysis, you could even lose your investments. Hence it is always helpful to take a course from the expert leaders in the market, so you’re under supervision and they can lead you down the correct path for your profitable journey.
  • Market Psychology: Psychology or Mindset, you believe it or not, plays a quite important role in your trading accomplishment. Just like a chess game, you must master the right mindset of trading if you wish to become a master. Learn and understand the basic knowledge about risk management and chart patterns to gain a thorough insight into both personal and crowd psychology.
  • Type of Course: The Technic al Analysis online courses are available in various ranges such as Beginners, Intermediate and advanced courses. Each type, of course, requires a different level of understanding and knowledge, you must choose your type depending on the skill requirement you wish to grasp. As a beginner, you must start with the beginner courses and then move to the intermediate and advanced courses to make the learning process effective and beneficial.

CONCLUSION: Choose the technical Analysis course that not only helps you comprehend the profit target but also makes you aware of the risk involved in the trade market. The technical analysis course online must be able to help you gain various technics and analyses that will benefit you to gain profits from the stock market. Every course available online is a little different from the other. Choose the one which is built on studies that are based on Logic & simple mathematical formulas, and are being used by many successful traders, Fund Managers, and Brokers across the world.

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