Many people do work for 60 hours and more, occasionally, but then some individuals are in this work schedule repeatedly. Working in such long hours could be taxing and tiring. You may feel exhausted, and this could affect one’s health.  Apart from the health issues those long working hours can pose, it can also affect productivity. Overwork can often result in job burnout. One may be putting all energy in work, but then due to burnout, the things may not seem to be happening. The whole situation is overwhelming and quite common for all of us. There are times when you need to put down our feet and try to cope up with the long work hours. At times it is essential to work for long hours but then giving up or letting your productivity getting affected is not an option.

Here are a few tips that can help you to survive the 60-hour long workweek:

  1. Take a break- it is crucial to stay focused on work and to take breaks can affect concentration. However, it has been proved that taking short breaks at periodic levels can help to stay away from your saturation point. After working for long hours, you could tend to lose focus and then commit a mistake. Thus it is vital to take short breaks like a break of some 15 minutes and stroll around for some time. Use this time listen to music, or to talk to friends or munch on a snack. The short break will help to increase your concentration and productivity.
  2. All work and no fun will ruin your productivity- the whole work situation like working for long hours, returning to home, sleeping, and then again going back to work will make your life monotonous. If there is no fun or pleasure in your life, later your life and mental state will all become miserable. Try to fit in some fun routine your schedule for at least once or twice a week. Having fun schedule will rejuvenate you help you to focus on your work in a better way.
  3. Stay hydrated- staying hydrated is crucial not just for your body but also for your mind. Water helps in better mental function. If you are feeling dizzy and cannot concentrate on your work, then it calls for a water break. Water will help in breaking your work monotony. However, if you find it too dull to gulp down plain water then try to have water infused with lemon, mint, ginger, apple, or any other fruit that you like. Infused water will serve two purposes, and firstly it will detox your body and secondly it will help you concentrate at your in a better way.
  4. Workout regime is crucial- if you are busy at work, you could end up missing your workout schedule. Missing the workout schedule can do more harm than benefit. Workout regimes boost your energy levels, increase your attentiveness, reduce your stress, and boost your confidence apart from keeping you healthy. Thus for all this reason, it is highly essential to maintain a proper workout regime as it will be the key for coping up with 60 plus hours work week.
  5. Have a limited quantity of coffee- People working for long hours tend to resort to caffeine or soda for boosting their energy levels. However, the fact is contrary to this, caffeine and soda can make you jittery and lead to gastrointestinal problems. During long working hours, it is better to have something fresh like juice as that will refresh you and make you feel better.
  6. Healthy carbs- if you are on any diet or are trying to reduce your carb intake then during this stressful time, it is vital that you undo this mode. Having healthy carbs during long working hours is crucial to increase your focus on work. Food plate that has no or limited carb can make you feel dizzy and lead to headaches. Apart from including carbs in your diet, it is also crucial that you have a healthy balanced meal. If there is too much fast food and junk food in your diet, your productivity and health, both will get affected. Even if you don’t have time to cook a full meal consuming salads or sprouts could be helpful. Having a well balanced nutritionally dense meals will help you to cope up with these stressful days.
  7. Sleep tight- as it is during the work hours your body is taking up excessive stress; thus, it is necessary that your body must get enough sleep during the free time. Avoid social media or mobile phones when it’s your rest time. As they could hamper your sleep quality, and it may further lead to more stress in your life. Good 8-hour sleep will ensure that you have had proper rest and are fresh enough to work the next day. At times during your work hours or off time if you feel too tired or lazy take a short nap of 20 minutes, and this could help you freshen up. Don’t exceed your naptime for more than 20 minutes as it could affect your sleep schedule and sleep quality.
  8. Accommodate your work hours as per your preference- to work for long hours; it is required that you choose to stay at work for long hours. If you are a morning person, then working extra hours in the morning will be a better option. However, if you are a night owl then working late hours in the night will be better as your productivity will be high at that time. If such an option is not available, then use these extra hours for your personal reasons to pursue some hobby or exercise, or doing some other work so that you are stress-free during your work hours.

More than working for long hours, it is more important you use your time more efficiently; this will help you stay fresh and focused on your work.    

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