Ghostwriting may be considered to be dishonesty, but not all students agree with it. The biggest advantage of ghostwriting is it does not allow the writers to claim for the submissions. Thus, students who lack a proper understanding of crafting academic papers or falling behind in deadline take ghost writer help.

Ghost writing

But availing of ghostwriting is becoming riskier in recent times. According to an ABC report, ghost writers are becoming more aggressive with targeting international students from Australia. They are mostly targeting international students from China who do not have high proficiency levels in English. They are simply taking advantage of their weaknesses to make money out of it. Through this blog post, I will investigate the views of international students and professors about ghostwriting.

Here are the responses we have received:

1. Sally Zang,

Sally Zang, a Chinese international student, mentioned that she has been getting messages from ghostwriting agencies from time to time. She said, “They often post ads on their WeChat moments with tempting words like “It’s almost the holiday. Throw us your assignments, go and enjoy yourself.”

Ms. Zang believes that these agencies only mean to lure international students by using words like “Throw us your assignments, go and enjoy yourself,” and later, they will ditch the customer. She is undertaking a postgraduate degree at the University of Western Australia. After constantly being bombarded with various offers from various ghostwriting agencies, she took the service on WeChat last month. Further, she told ABC that she had paid $ 600 for a 3,000-word project proposal which she has not received yet.

2. Tracey Betag

Tracey Betag, an American professor at the University of South Australia, reported ABC telling ABC about witnessing several students reporting about receiving e-mails from ghostwriting agencies the university e-mail inboxes. International students mostly fall into such traps as they fail to realize if the ghost service is legitimate or not. Since the mails show the writers come from university and are skillful in English writing, it can confuse students who are weak in English. She commented, “Our Chinese students told me that sometimes three times a day they get advertising about commercial sites.”

Constantly getting messages from ghostwriting agency can lure any students into hiring Ghost Writers. International students get easily targeted since they lack proficiency in English and thus find ghostwriters can help with mastering the language.

3. Terry from US

Ghostwriting agencies keep spamming me and refuses to stop. I never had any interest in their services, but they keep on sending me texts from non-operable numbers. I can easily tell that this is not a genuine ghostwriting service. The website and e-mails contain several grammatical errors. They keep on giving me offers during Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and once I received a message at 5 am on New Year ’s Day. If I wanted someone to write my paper, I certainly would not choose a website that looks like a joke

4. Wang Wei from Sanghai, China

Two-and-a-half years ago, I came to Melbourne from Shanghai in China to start a master’s degree in journalism because standards here are said to be very high. I expected to find a fair and honest academic environment. But what I found when I arrived in Australia was a thriving contract cheating industry.”

The student also mentioned how the Chinese social media app WeChat is filled with scammers intending to target Chinese students, the biggest international student group in Australia. Bathroom walls at Monash University in Melbourne are scrawled with advertisements in Chinese for essay writing services.

5. Wang Fang, China

I am from China and came to Melbourne to complete my higher education. I had to cheat several times by hiring ghostwriters because of my poor English writing skills. It is pretty common for international students like us to use these services. The university students that I am acquainted with…almost all of them has used contract cheating services once or more and hasn’t been caught.”

Ghost Writing

Students, most of the time, just want to pass. They know aiming too high might raise suspicions. This has become quite a culture among international students.

Wrapping up,

International students are becoming influenced by the constant ghostwriting services or contract cheating. The e-mails sometimes look so legitimate that the students with poor English get confused often. Xiao Xin, who used to run a ghostwriting agency with two other friends, claim that they had been simply writing assignments by doing a normal search at Google scholars. Agencies are profiting money by taking advantage of the weakness of International students.

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