2019 was a devastating year for people around the world. As coronavirus has taken manifold lives. This virus was spread from China and the bad thing is, coronavirus is a contagious virus, it can spread from one person to another. It is highly restricted to go out shopping or anywhere else without the use of a face mask. A face mask captures airborne particles inside it. 


Nebulizer plays an important role in transmitting Covid19. It is a machine that delivers medicine into the nasal cavity and it turns the drug into a very small and fine mist to breathe in. The use of a nebulizer is to treat a range of lung problems such as chest tightness, shortage of breath, and wheezing. But, nebulizers play an important role to spread this virus. Below mention some most important information about the spread of the coronavirus by the use of Nebulizer and how to take important precautions to overcome this deadly virus.  

Nebulizers Transmit Covid19

The air sacs in our lungs close and open whenever we breathe in. small particles are generated. If someone is suffering from a viral respiratory infection, then the infected particles are being exhaled out in the form of exhaled aerosols. Around the globe, everyone has a strong belief that Covid-19 particles are spread through aerosols and droplets when someone suffers from sneezing cold, and coughs. 

The risk of spread of coronavirus through aerosols has become maximum. One of the research from the Canadian medical association journal reported that “All the aerosol particles are being generated through nebulizers that have a size of 1 to 5 micrometers and is responsible to carry the virus to human lungs”. Furthermore, the research tells us that, during the treatment of nebulizers, the risk of transmission of Covid19 is more. 

Just because the transmission of coronavirus is by aerosol particles. Nebulizers have a higher potential to generate a large volume of respiratory aerosols and can propel over a larger distance. This leads to having greater chances to spread Covid19.  

Pediatric Nebulizers

As is discussed above, nebulizers lead to the transmission of the Coronavirus. People need to be very careful while dealing with their children’s respiratory issues. In a Canadian journal, the preliminary report suggests that the aerosol particles containing coronavirus have a half-life of about 1.1 hours. 

Taking precautionary measures is mandatory. If you are going to operate a pediatric nebulizer for your children, then sanitize it, wash it and use the pediatric nebulizer after at least 1.5 hours. Because precautionary measures are important to follow. 

Important Precautions to Overcome Covid19

Covid19 vaccine has been launched. To overcome this dangerous virus, one must take the covid vaccine. Respiratory disorders and weak lungs can easily be affected by Covid-19. Always wear a face mask. Make a habit to use surface cleaner in your home. Precaution is always better than cure. 

The recovery time for patients with severs coronavirus is about 03 to 06 weeks. Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) is responsible to cause Covid-19. Self-isolation can protect you from this virus. As this virus is contagious and is life-threatening. Social distance helps to control this contagious disease. A no-touch infrared thermometer can help you to detect your body temperature. Make sure you have one no-touch infrared thermometer at your home.  

Covid-19 and Nebulizer Use 

For any concern regarding the use of a nebulizer, you should always speak to your doctor about it. In multiple foreign countries, it was reported that people make use of nebulizers in hotel rooms. As a result, the number of patients of the coronavirus increases to hundreds. That is the reason nebulizers are banned, especially in Australia. Patients who are already diagnosed with Covid-19 are given nebulizers for fast recovery, but unfortunately, the rate of spreading this virus by nebulizers is maximum. The best and only precaution that you can take is to sanitize your living room and your nebulizer. 

Taking Everything into Account

You can stop generating aerosolized particles by avoiding the use of small-volume nebulizers just for medicinal purposes. Using nebulizers can be very dangerous to oneself, proper cleaning of nebulizers before using and after using can help to control the spread of this contagious virus. If you experience symptoms like fever, tiredness, and cough consult your doctor as soon as you can.

 Other covid-19 symptoms include headache, sore throat, loss of smell and taste, aches, and pain. The less common symptom of the virus includes skin rashes and discoloration of toes and fingers. Either it is adult nebulizers or pediatric nebulizers, maintaining their health or hygiene is every citizen’s duty. The covid-19 vaccine has been launched to stop the progression of this deadly virus. If you are not vaccinated then without wasting any time think about it and get your vaccination today.


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